Thursday, October 1, 2015

CAPTCHA Sniper (CS) is a very unique CAPTCHA solving solution. This is not a service. It is actual PC software that solves CAPTCHAs. The software is compatible with most popular link building software including FCSNetworker.
So what’s so special about it? First of all, it is not a service like DBC, De-Captcher or Bypass CAPTCHA. It is PC software that works on latest versions of Windows OS. 
CAPTCHA Sniper works by intercepting calls by popular CAPTCHA solving services, then solves images and returns the answer to the software you run it with. The program supports well over 700 types of images with many success rates above 75%.
I always use it in combination with CAPTCHA solving services which saved me a lot of money in a long run. Many popular link building software have a feature where you can set priority of CAPTCHA solving solutions. CS is always my first choice followed by different services.
One small downside is obviously the fact that it`s an actual software which runs on your computer. It means that in order for it to work, you will need to have your computer running. The good part is that it doesn`t slow your computer down by too much so it works in the background without interrupting you.